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anzhou Taibao Pharmaceutical Factory

lanzhou Taibao Pharmaceutical Factory (former Lanzhou Minshan Pharmaceutical factory) is a branch factory belonged to our company, is a well-know domestic professional factory engaged in the production of concentrated pills of traditional Chinese medicines and enomous potentialitic sciences ,the factory faces domestic and international sales market . Taking advantage technology and equipment and devoting himself to the developing of traditional Chinese medicinal concentrated products. It has developed a series of Tanglong Brand first rate quality of traditional Chinese medicinal products (TCM).Such as series of Tanglong Brand of concentrated pills, extracted power, tablets, granule and oral liquid, etc. Whose major products are Tanglong Brand concentrated pills and extracted power that has already been exported to United States of American, Japan, Britain, Britain, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, France and Italy in great quantity, more than one hundred of different countries and regions, which have got extensive credits in the world. At the same time, in order to meet needs of the dimestic and international buyers of different requirements. The factory processes tally with Japanese National Medicinal Bureau of standard and U.S.A. of F.D.A. demand and Singapore states medicinal products of quality what is asked include in high technological products. The series of Tanglong Brand products take superior of raw materialscientificfilling prescription and making festidious。Soit is the best choice products for strong bodydevelop Immunity from disease and nourishing. As a modernize pharmaceutical factory which owe a professional medicinal study department and regular QCit had complied. With the requirements of the Australia code of GMP and had got certificated GMP。Our factory of manage strategy are relying upon high scientific carry forward traditional Chinese medicicinal products as our responsibility. It is base on domestic sales market for existence that the international trade have got development. It has modernized diathesis of staffthe young scientific researchadministration and salesmen of teams. There are have scientific decide policies and strictly administration .wellall of those it would must help our undertaking walk on success and raising ways.

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        LongXi Herbs Transterring Station

A herbs warhouse affiliated to Gansu Medicines & Health Products VECORP.located at east Longxi Train Station.Through many years development,it becomes a proffessional warehouse with office area,warehouse area ,herbs-processing area and living area.occupying a total area of 34579M2,it is a standardised warehouse where herbs can be stored ,rransported ,processed and inspected.The common warehouse area occupies 2950M2 of the total area and the constent temperature warehouse occupies 1675m2 ,herbs drying plateform occupies 2500m2.with com;ete equipments ,the warehouse can control the constent temperature at -5C---+5C within 24 hour ,and relative wet at 50% ±10%.The warehouse is managed under standard with strict inspection .the herbs are processed by traditional meathod .following herbs for export are available at stock;dang quai Codonopsis,Astagatus,Rhubarb,Licorice,Bupleurum,Pinelliae,Mahuang,
Polyporus ulmbellatus,Radix Auklandia,Radix Angelicae Pubescentis.We welcome the old and new customers from domestic and abroad to contact us for business.

Manager:Zhang Aibing
Tel:0932-6688508 6688208 6688335


Adhering to principles of safety,swiftness,accuracy ,economy ,convenience,we develope many kinds of international transportation business with high quality and efficiency.

we undertake various transportation service fo import and export goods by air,sea,tr-ain,road as well as international multimodal and container transportations,including
collecting goods,chartering,booking space,storage,transhipment,container leasing,stripping/stuffing ,customs declaration,commodity inspection ,insurance and consultancy sevice.

Address:360 JiaYuGuan West Road Lanzhou,P.R.China
General Manager
:Mr.Zhang jimin
Tel:(0086-931)8497842 4860637


Gansu Hongchang Phytochemistry Engineering Co.Ltd was directly invested by our company a high-tech maufacturer specialized in herbal extracts.The company is in possession of upto date production line including extraction ,separation and drying which conform to national GMP standard.The quality control centre is well equipped with advanced insruments like HPLC,UV etc.the company can satisfy the different requirements of market to different active content of herbal extracts.the output of the year reaches to 200 tons .we also make to order with customerst own materials.our products are favourably received with high quality low prices.

Add:85 jianxi west road lanzhou,china
Tel:0086-931-8497792 4860686